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Security web cams are growing in popularity with the explosion of the internet. It is quite easy to set up a security system that is used in your home and can be monitored anywhere. The requirements for video surveillance are a security web cam (or multiples if you want more than one location to be monitored), security web cam software, and obviously a computer which can be running Linux, Windows, or even a Mac. Whichever your preference, it's possible to set the system up.

There are a few different types of security software available and a few such as EvoCam (Which is only offered for the Mac) offer free trials for a time period so that you can try the software out to ensure it meets your needs before investing your hard earned money into it. Most types of software will conduct the same functions as the others. If Windows is your operating system of choice, Tincam offers a 30 day trial period as well. Further down you can find websites covering various related topics, such video surveillance systems, security videos, and more video surveillance websites.

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