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Your house needs a visual renewal and sometimes non-ergonomic installations have to be modernized with more updated energy saving elements. Home improvement may start with a home remodelling, a kitchen upgrade, a fancy bathroom design, colour-changes of your wallpaper, or some laminate flooring. Finally you may end up with a new roof or with a window home improvement for the whole house. On many websites you can find home improvement advices and online shopping guides, that provide useful information. Published home product reviews are a great help for a home improvement plan and its renovation financing, too. Do you plan to do your modernization by yourself or do you prefer to hire a home improvement contractor? Online resources provide in many situations helpful platforms to stay informed about building materials, duration of materials and electronics, maintenance, and eventually harmfulness of some home improvement products. Being informed and updated may avoid later "re-improvements" and troubles.

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Abc of Solar Energy Technologies
Vital solar energy guide with an alphabetic list covering an abc of solar technology terms and actual technical information about Photovoltaic systems, homemade solar power, power generator systems, thermal storage devices and passive or active solar heating systems. Helpful tips for residential solar heating installations and solar powered homes.

Alternative Energy Systems
Alternative energy guide covering all vital information that you need to know about renewable energy systems and technologies which can generate environment friendly solar power, wind energy, or clean electricity by harnessing geothermal heat. Free tips on how to install viable compact wind turbines or how to recycle rain water to save energy.

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