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Spy Pen - a wireless spy gadget for close surveillance

A wireless spy pen is an unsuspicious surveillance product

A wireless spy pen is a very unsuspicious surveillance product for discreet observation from a close distance. The visual scene and all acoustic conversations are sent wireless to a receiver that can be about 100 m (110 yards) away. This miniature spy camera in a pen can be operated with button-batteries or with an low-voltage adapter of 9V. The full-colour images show the scene of observation in high resolution videos. Wireless spy surveillances like this useful pen with camera or other wearable mini cameras are not allowed in all countries. For example in Germany it is illegal to operate hidden wireless surveillance equipment by telecommunications law.

So please consider the legality of hidden surveillance cameras before installation. In several other countries, where installations of hidden security technology are not illegal, spy devices like this pen with mini cam can serve good purposes. Especially to protect company secrets or to record suspicious actions the use of a spy pen can be very efficient.

Most common is to place a spy-pen inconspicuous in the shirt's upper pocket or in a jacket that is hanging over a chair. Another possibility is to put the spy pen in your pen-holder on your desk. Among other writing tools the spy cam of the pen will observe your own working space as well as other colleges that use your desk during your absence. Even critical conversations can be monitored and recorded that way.

The full colour camera in a pen is part of an unobtrusive security system with a wireless mini sender, that is easy and flexible position. Light movements of the writing pen do not interfere with the recording. All transmitted images and audio signals arrive at the mini receiver unit that can be connected to a TV monitor, a video recorder, computer or any wireless surveillance monitor. If things come to the worst, you can use the pen as ordinary writing tool to dispel upcoming doubts. Such pens with mini cameras can provide a helpful information for reasons of spy surveillance and are a great security product for successfully recording suspicious situations, because not many objects can get so close into an observed area as a spy pen.

Wearable Spy Cameras and other Micro Spy Gadgets

Mini Spy Cameras can be hidden in Pens and Teddy Bears

The camera in a pen is not the only Mini Security Camera, that can guarantee unsuspicious observation. Even an Installation of Pinhole-Cameras and Door Spy Cameras or the use of a Teddy Camera for the Children's Room are able to transmit clear videos from possible scenes of crime. While the bear camera will probably mostly be used to watch your child's sleep and the nanny's work in your private home, door spy cams can operate in all kinds of entrance areas. From there the door mini cam sends all information to a surveillance screen. So you can see right at work at your desk, what is going on at the entrance, who wants to visit you, or who tries to intrude without authorization.

Mini surveillance systems and micro security technology is not limited to built-it cams in objects and household equipment. For close observation there are wearable spy cams as efficient spy tools as the mini cam hidden in a pen. Wearable mini cameras are ultra compact in size and come as "button cam" that is normally attached like a button to the jacket, mantel or to a sports cap. Besides visual surveillance there also wearable listening devices available, that only transmit conversations, - just like you know it from numerous action thrillers. Another common group of micro spy products are pinhole cameras. These extreme small spy device is hidden in a metal cylinder of about 4 cm length and a diameter of max. 1 cm. This almost invisible gadget is very easy to hide - an effective precaution for spy surveillance of all types of location. Such a hidden spy cam in a metal pipe comes with a image sensor of high IR-sensibility that guarantees daylight and night vision capabilities for any observation in less illuminated rooms.

Even smaller wireless micro camera needs not more than about 1,5 x 1,5 cm. Thanks to its micro construction this device can easily be hidden behind picture frames or nearly any other furniture or home decor. Already the inside of a cigarette pack is more than enough to hide this wireless espionage cam. With a simple whole in the pack of a few millimeters for the lens you can start spying around with this safety device. More comfortable models of this micro security product are able send a full-colour video to a surveillance monitor about 300 m away, where each video sequence could be recorded. Such a super mini spy camera is an ideal safety system for invisible observation. Modern technology and included operation manuals makes it easy to figure out how to install wireless mini-cameras and how to avoid first time mistakes so you won't have blind or uncovered spots in the area you intend to monitor.

Features of Mini Spy Cameras / wireless and cable connected

Mini Cams for unsuspicious surveillance and safety purposes can be used for:

  • observation of restricted terrains of sensitive company areas
  • production surveillance / process control
  • robotic systems and remote control of machines
  • home security and to ensure safety for business facilities and goods
  • intercoms at entrance areas: private home, companies, offices, ...
  • cashier control, treasury surveillance
  • cash dispenser / money machine control, vending machine control

Pen with camera can record conversations and can monitor from close distances

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