Installation of Pinhole Cams and Door Spy Cameras

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Door Spy Cams and Pinhole Cameras

If you look for mini spy cameras that are easy to install and on top a reliable and efficient security systems, you'll come across door spy cams and pinhole cameras. Both installations can be done in do-it-yourself, just with standard home tools and electric equipment that you'll find in nearly every household. To install door spy cameras as well as those even smaller pinhole cams allows to observe objects, goods and people at close range to ensure safety and to protect precious property.

Various camera models can be used as door-spy. Most send clear black-&-white images from the location in front of the entrance to your surveillance monitor. When every a visitor admits to enter your office of company you can see him right at the screen on your desk and over the intercom you can ask, what's his visit about without getting up or leaving your work.

Pinhole cameras are tiny mini spy cameras for safety observations

Such an entrance spy cam isn't really a hidden security device, because the tiny camera lens is visible at the door, as long as you do not hide the lens for individual reasons with a sign or other covering items.

Clear and visible installed door spy cameras are a very successful precaution against unpleasant intruders or burglars. This tiny spy gadget can provide safety to entrances and help to increase home security by deterrence.

Pinhole Cameras are reliable and unsuspicious, electronic surveillance devices. In a solid cylinder made of metal, with a diameter of about 10 mm - 12 mm and about 4 cm length, there is a built in a black-&-white micro camera.

This hidden and sealed mini spy cam in a metal pipe captures light and convert it into a readable image formats with resolutions up to 100.000 pixels. Its micro lens is just a few millimeters in diameter.

The picture sensor with high IR-sensibility provides sufficient night vision capabilities, so the mini security camera can observe shady areas. The pinhole camera transmits, similar to a spy pen, all images to other appliances, where you can monitor the scene.

Even legal observation equipment can become illegal if it's installed and used for illegal purposes, so please make sure you get the most actual information from your local dealer about the legality of hidden surveillance cameras and mini spy technology in your region.

Do not install illegal monitoring devices and use spy cams undoubtedly for safety and protection.

How to install a Pinhole Camera?

The installation of pinhole cameras is the right choice, if you need to operate a very discreet and well hidden mini surveillance device. This process is similar to installations of wireless mini-cameras. All transmitted video signals of a pinhole cam can be send to any TV-screen, security monitor, video recorder or pc camera drive. An extern low voltage adapter allows pinhole cameras to save energy and to work efficiently.

Before any installation of pinhole cams, you have to choose the ideal angle, from where the lens can monitor the whole surveillance area, without sight blocking objects can disturb the observation. Make sure that no source of light may blend directly or mirrored by other objects into the lens. For the final pinhole camera installation you have to drill a tiny little hole, that has to be in the perfect angle towards the observed terrain. Next, you have to prepare the connection for the cables inside or behind the wall. Then you put in the pinhole cylinder in the drill hole and connect the cables.

After power supply and video transmissions are working, you should try a first test video to control the quality of the images as well as the camera angle. Already a half millimeter in vertical or horizontal direction may be enough to correct the surveillance test image. Finally check also, if light can spread towards the pinhole camera lens, what would interrupt any observation. When the new installed pinhole-cam sends clear pictures in daylight as well as in twilight or with electric illumination, your security system is ready to operate.

4-step installation-guide for an entrance mini spy camera

4 Steps Installation-Guide to set up a Door Spy Camera

Install an entrance spy camera for discreet home security and area surveillance

  1. mark the position of the lens and drill the hole for the camera shaft
  2. insert the spy cam from backdoors, insert the spy lens from the front
  3. screw up both spy components till the lens cannot be moved from outside
  4. in case of hidden installation: hide the door spy with a sign or any other objects that doesn't arose suspicion

You can install a door spy camera in just four easy steps

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How to install pinhole cams and door spy cameras in just four easy steps