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Infrared Night Vision

24 hours surveillance had become an indispensable security step in many public areas. Infrared night vision technology guarantees securing, monitoring and recording at day and night. To monitor and to record usable images in the darkness two different infrared night vision systems are used: Either enhancement of tiny amounts of light or illuminating the night scene with additional infra red technology. Such an infrared illuminator works with an powerful infra red light source for continuous ir security surveillance. Infrared light is invisible for our eyes. Its frequencies are below our visible colour spectrum.

"Image enhancement devices" collect little amounts of light that is still available even at night, e.g. moonlight or just the glow of a cigarette and amplify it so much that you can see an image of the night scene. Reflected body heat of humans and animals or the warmth of motors can also be monitored by a infrared sensor of infrared night vision equipment as light source and can be monitored in black and white images.

Night Vision and Infra Red Technology

Night vision and infra red technology is efficiently used for all kinds of home security, public safety or company and office surveillance systems indoor as well as outdoor. Modern video security cameras are work with a CCD sensors (CCD = charge-coupled device) for day and night surveillance. See also CCD Security Cameras. This electronic device creates high resolution images that are recorded for digital monitoring and that can be viewed simultaneously or at any time later.

Night vision infrared technology provides high resolution colour pictures in daytime and thermal images in black and white, or better in black and green images during night and darkness on surveillance monitors. To increase the quality of IR security video cameras, some night vision equipment uses several following, similar pictures to get better illuminated results. That's one explanation why sometimes night vision videos become distorted or show blur interferences.

Modern infrared night vision equipment provides Wireless Infrared Security Camera for indoor and outdoor surveillance. High quality indoor IR illuminator with CCD technology come with ranges between 23 foot and 50 foot and start at about US$ 80.-. To monitor dark or shady outdoor areas with a range up to 100 foot, you should install an infrared night vision camera with cable connection and Infrared Technology. Before you buy Night Vision Security Cameras you should br sure about the range you need to observe. With an additional infrared security camera zoom you will get the possibility to zoom very close into single parts of your surveillance area at night.

Infrared Night Vision Technology ensures 24 hours surveillance

Night Vision Equipment  : Overview

  • Image Enhancement Device (IR security)
    • to create night vision images small light sources are used like:
    • moonlight
    • candlelight
    • far and tiny electric light
  • CCD Technology (in digital security video cameras)
    • realizes reflected heat sources from:
    • humans and animals
    • car, motors and other artificial energy sources
  • Infrared Night Vision Security (infra red surveillance technology)
    • an infra red illuminator creates additional infrared light
    • allows monitoring and recording in complete darkness

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Infrared Night Vision