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CCD = Charge Coupled Device

Most modern image recording equipment like digital photo cameras, video cameras and security cameras, come with an electronic device, so called CCD what stand for charge coupled device. A CCD Sensor is used to recognize, picture, and to record a subject like before a photo film or a video cassette did.

Advantages of CCD Security Cameras

As one great advantage of CCD-technology you can access any recorded subject immediately after taking the picture. Exposure and film developing belong to the past.

A charge coupled device measures the amount of light and how the light of the captured image spreads. The CCD sensor transforms this information into electrical impulses (signals) and creates a picture of high resolution pixels. This pixel image can be viewed immediately on the screen of digital cameras, video cameras, ccd surveillance cameras or home computers. You can simultaneously save and then print your images with photo printer.

CCD Security Camera with infrared imaging

CCD Security Cameras reach a new level of image quality and therefore these products are efficient systems for security surveillance at home and public areas.

Overall CCD sensors of CCD surveillance cameras used in Night Vision Security Cameras are capable to monitor indoor and outdoor areas at night and on very shady days. Modern infrared surveillance technology can increase the range of CCD security cameras with an infrared illuminator for total darkness.

The receiver monitor of your CCD surveillance camera shows the night scenery, similar to night vision binoculars or image enhancement devices in black / green images.

The fact that CCD sensors are sensitive for all frequencies of our visible light as well as for the nearby invisible infrared light makes CCD sensors an important device in Wireless Infrared Security Camera. With additional camera technique and security software you are able to zoom into your high resolution surveillance pictures what completes the efficiency of your infrared night vision security camera.

Besides, CCD chips are manufactured for ultraviolet light and x-ray light as well and are not just used for digital camcorders, CCD security cameras, digital cameras and scanners.

These CCD sensors are not only needed in mini security cameras, but also as important devices in astronomy and in measuring technology, e.g. for spectroscopes.

CCD security Cam / charge coupled device technology

CCD = charge coupled device : technical facts

  • CCD semiconductor-technology
  • captured light sends energy to electrons of a semiconductor.
  • Electrical charge is coupled step by step
  • ... moves from one electrode to the next one
  • ... till it reaches an amplifier.
  • Charge according to the amount of light determines an electrical signal.
  • step by step all signals = pixel get transmitted to create the picture

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CCD sensors and CCD security cameras reach a new level of image quality