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How monitoring systems can increase home security

The physical access prevention devices that you install on your home are designed to impede any would-be burglar from gaining entry. However, even the best devices can be defeated given enough motivation. In those cases, monitored home security provides a layer of both electronic and human defense.

Infra-red video surveillance technology makes it impossible
to stay undetected

An alarm system is the first thing that usually comes to mind when discussing a home security monitoring system. Alarm companies typically offer installation services and a subscription monitoring service. In the event that an alarm is triggered at your house, the alarm company will go through a pre-determined set of protocols designed to provide a quick, effective reaction to the intrusion. Alarm monitoring is usually at a price comparable to monthly Internet access or home phone service, making them an affordable option.

Infra-red video surveillance technology records body heat as an image

Some systems are simply intruder-detection alarms that trigger when a door is opened, a window shattered or slid open or the perimeter of the property entered without authorization. When considering installing these systems, take a survey of all access points and make certain they're equipped with an alarm device.

With the availability of inexpensive, high-quality recording devices, video alarm surveillance has been enjoying an increase in popularity. Adding a video device is a powerful deterrent to thieves who may reassess their plans upon their first knowledge that a property is monitored with cameras. Convenience store owners and banks have known this for years and now residences are starting to see the benefits as well. Privacy concerns, obviously, play a part where video surveillance is concerned. Consider installing a camera that will only start recording when an alarm has been set off. This means that, not only will the intruder's presence be revealed by the alarm system but that there will be a visual record of them committing the act, a powerful resource for law enforcement and homeowners alike.

When installing monitored alarm systems consider using them to keep an eye on parts of a property that may normally be out of sight. Garages, backyards, sheds and other structures and areas separated from the house can be monitored by cameras. A constantly running camera in these areas can alert the homeowner to the presence of an intruder before they get to the house itself or into the structure they might have chosen as a target. Infra-red technology makes it virtually impossible for a thief to get by a camera undetected, even when there is no ambient light, as their body heat is recorded as an image by the camera.

A monitored security system provides one other huge peace of mind benefit: with an alarm company monitoring the system, it means you can leave your home without worrying that you'll find out about a burglary upon getting back, when all your possessions have already been taken away. When installing a monitored security system, your first move should be to consult with a professional. Because of the many options available, it's good to have an informed opinion to guide your choice.

Monitored Home Security and Video Alarm Surveillance

Information on monitored home security equipped with an alarm device Alarm Systems and Video Surveillance Technology

  • acoustic and optical alarm systems interrupt intruders and inform neighbors and security personal
  • silent alarm technology calls security personal for help without the thief's knowledge
  • intruder-detection alarms trigger when a door is opened or a window is shattered or slid open
  • video surveillance alarms create a visual record of the committed act and provide a powerful resource for law enforcement
  • avoid constant false alarms, because neighbors and security personal will start to doubt any alarm
Even a dummy security camera can help to prevent burglary

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How monitoring systems can increase home security