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What type of security safe you plan to install and where ?

How you install a home security safe depends greatly on what type of safe you plan to install and where. If you're installing a wall or floor safe, the question is largely one of carpentry. If you're installing a free-standing safe, it becomes a question of how much weight your floor can handle and how much weight you can realistically move. Before taking this up yourself, consider hiring a professional who has the tools and experience to do it safely.

Floor safe, wall safe, or safety box

If you have large items to store, or a lot of small ones, consider the traditional floor safe. This type of security safe is sometimes mounted to the floor and sometimes not. Either way, they are typically of such great mass that moving one is next to impossible without a team of strong backs and the right tools and transportation hardware.

How you install a home security safe depends the type of safe

Before you even start, get the architectural information for your house so you know for certain that the floor can handle the weight of one of these safes.

Of course, when you opt for this type of security safe, you have to get it in the house which can be a complex task in and of itself. Your upstairs office might be a great location for convenience, but getting it up the stairs may be well beyond your abilities.

You may even have to have floor reinforced to carry the extra weight. The basement floor can probably handle the weight, but how do you plan to get it down there?

If you're simply looking to safeguard some jewelry, currency, stock certificates or some precious metals, then you may want to consider a wall safe, safety box, or a small floor-mounted safe

Either of these are recessed into a hole in either the floor or wall and are often camouflaged with a couch, rug, painting or other concealing device. They are affordable and come with locking devices ranging from the traditional combination dial to advanced biometric access control systems with fingerprint scanning. They are heavy, but can usually be moved by one or two individuals, making the process of installation much easier. When mounting a wall safe, wear steel-toed boots. Safes are easily heavy enough to crush or sever a toe.

Part of installing a wall safe requires you to install security safe hardware in the wall where it is to reside. When taking up this task, be certain you pick a location where there are studs to support the weight and where there is no wiring with which the installation will interfere.

You may have to add extra hardware to the wall, such as braces or other reinforcing material, to support your investment and its contents. Make sure the safe is not easy to locate by just looking at the wall. This means the modifications must be as undetectable as possible when the covering device is placed over the face of the safe. Safe installation at home can be a fun and valuable home improvement project for the so-inclined!

Of course other preventions should not be forgotten such as burglar alarm systems to provide efficient protection against burglary as well as basic diy home security precautions to make any unwanted approach to your house more difficult by planting thorny bushes near windows. You may also consider how to protect doors and entrances and how to secure home windows or secure basement windows. More advanced precautions would involve the installation of monitoring home security such as security cameras, night vision security cameras, or longtime video surveillance systems.

Safeguard all important documents in a camouflaged wall safe at home

Store a list of all precious goods in your wall safe Checklist for floor safe, safety box, and wall safe installation

  • store a list of all precious items in your safe
  • mark personal, valuable goods individually
  • Safeguard money, checks, and jewelry in a camouflaged wall safe at home
  • add extra hardware to the wall to support your wall safe
  • rarely used valuables better safeguard in a safety box at your bank
Safeguard jewelry, stock certificates or precious metals in a home security safe

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