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Books and literature about home security

When most consumers hear the words "home security" they automatically envision the use of electronic devices that trigger alarms and bring the police immediately to the location.

Such devices can be incredibly costly to install and operate, and are by no means infallible. Today, however, there is a great deal of literature about home security that helps a homeowner to create a good system for defense without necessarily investing in electronic alarms.

While there are books about alarm systems, the majority of writings about home security cover other steps and procedures that can also deter criminals. Home security involves an entire structure - because that is what will be scrutinized by the criminal. This means that all exits and entrances, fences, additional structures, windows and even pet doors will be discussed in literature about home security.

For example, national statistics indicate that a vast majority of burglaries occur when a criminal enters through the front door of the home. While only a small percentage of the criminals encounter an unlocked door, the issue is that they are able to get into the home quickly and easily, and all without detection.

Books about Alarm Systems

Books about alarm systems and home security tend to emphasize the need to ensure all doors and door jambs are sturdy and outfitted with heavy duty locks that are impossible to force or pick. Literature about home security explains that the best deadbolts available are not worth the money if the door jamb can be kicked in with one sharp hit.

Another area often scrutinized in literature about home security is the garage. More than half of all homeowners will actually leave their homes with the garage doors wide open. This is generally considered an open invitation to burglars who know they can work on the connecting door into the home without being observed by neighbors or anyone passing by. Books about alarm systems often emphasize that this connecting door between the home and the garage should be outfitted with electronic security because it tends to be one of the flimsiest doors in the home. Clearly, any home security system must examine the front door and garage areas in order to strengthen protection.

Literature on specific Home Security Issues

Of course there are other ways into a home, including windows without good locks, storm doors leading into basements, and enclosed porches or sliding doors that allow a burglar to easily force their way inside. All of these areas tend to be addressed in any literature about home security as well as the "cover" that might surround them.

Consider that many homes have shrubs and trees planted near their foundations. These can actually provide good cover for anyone looking to get into a home, or who is peering into windows to see what kind of goods are inside. Most books about alarm systems and home security tend to discuss the need to take a good look at such a liability and prune plantings back to a far less "comfortable" level of protection.

Most literature about home security will emphasize common sense and practicality, and offer some great tips for creating a strong system for home protection.

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