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The advantages and disadvantages of DIY Home Security

Half of the fun of having your own house is being able to do some home improvement projects. Where security is concerned, there are plenty of simple, enjoyable projects that can make your house a less-appealing target, and some jobs that are best left to the professionals.

"Unpleasant to touch" plants provide natural protection against intrusion

DIY home security might not start where you'd think, with deadbolts and window bars. Consider your landscaping, odd as that might sound. Every high hedge you have next to a window is ready cover for burglars and every cactus, thorn bush or other unpleasant to touch plant you have in front of a window is an impediment to entry at those points. Keep your hedges low around the house so anyone prowling around is clearly visible and consider planting something sharp around the windows. Getting in a basement window is easy when there's ample cover and cheap hardware involved. Add a cactus plant to the affair and it's much more complicated.

Don't provide intruders with garden tools that can be use as a ladder

Motion detectors are very affordable now and lighting which activates by motion is a powerful defense. Installing motion-detecting lighting has the same effect as reducing the height of your hedges in that it eliminates the cover that burglars find vital to their ends. Many motion-activated lights are battery-powered which means you don't even have to wire them and that they'll still function during a blackout.

Do it yourself home security also entails some seemingly innocuous but powerful additions to your home defense. Those beautiful windows from which you enjoy your view work both ways. Make sure your shades and drapery are drawn at night and that they project no silhouettes against the window.

Burglars and, even worse, home invaders will often observe a house at night, staring through open windows to ascertain how many people live in the residence, their routines and the layout of the house. Also, consider installing a window-pane of improved materials such as tempered or laminated glass, which makes breaking them much harder.

A burglar alarm is a common feature on modern houses. You might consider having one professionally installed or decide to learn how to make a burglar alarm yourself.

If you choose the latter, keep in mind that a professionally installed burglar alarm is the result of years of experience and data from many different break-ins. The device you make yourself may defend against some thieves, but probably not against any smart ones. This is definitely not a do it yourself project.

Surveillance systems, however, are available that are completely wireless, foregoing you the pain of having to learn how to wire surveillance systems. These cameras and monitors are often marketed as a means to keep an eye on a sleeping baby, but if they have enough range and infrared capability, which many do, they're a quick and cost-effective way to add surveillance to your garage or tool shed. No more wondering if that clanging around behind the shed is a raccoon or something worse!

Don't cover doors and windows with high scrubs or hedges

Do it yourself home security tips against intruders Do-it-yourself tips and precautions against intruders

  • don't leave garden tools unlocked that can be use as a ladder
  • don't plant climbing scrubs that invite burglars to climb up
  • don't cover doors and windows with high scrubs or hedges
  • keep unobserved doors and windows closed
  • install motion-activated lighting
  • install efficient outdoor lighting, especially in doorways
  • prepare additional lighting that is controlled from inside your home
  • security cameras and alarm systems can increase home security
Unpleasant to touch plants provide natural protection against intrusion

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Advantages & Disadvantages of DIY Home Security