Efficient Protection against Burglary

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Individual Precautions against Burglary

Protecting against burglary is every bit as important a component of responsible home ownership as is protecting against flood and fire damage. Given that your property and the safety of your family are both on the line, the stakes are high.

Providing efficient protection against burglary means that the devices and processes involved should be effective, easy to learn and use and difficult to defeat. Those devices and process must be flexible, as well, meaning that different methods of security can be employed when there are people in the house and when the house is empty.

Burglar Alarm Systems & Security Bars

A burglar alarm system is just too affordable and effective an option to pass up. The hardware on most modern burglar alarm equipment can be purchased in wireless configurations, making installation much less complicated than it once was and the deterrent effect of having your house marked as containing a monitored alarm system is a powerful one.

Individual safety precautions that protect you against burglary

High quality, professionally-installed access control devices are one of the best safety choices you can make. All deadbolts are not created alike and those that fail to provide the best security are often revealed by their discount prices. Purchase a high-quality deadbolt, key-in-knob lock and kick plate for every door on your home. A kick plate is a device that wraps around the door frame, extending slightly above and below the deadbolt and knob on both sides that makes it virtually impossible to execute a "kick-in" entry, the most commonly-used method by burglars. Even if they're determined enough to get through one of these sturdy devices, the presence of an intruder alarm system will make it nearly impossible for a thief to gain access undetected.

When you're at home, there are more security options available to you. A security bar is a simple, affordable and effective means of adding extra security to any door. Security bars are typically lightweight but strong metal devices that mount either across the door, under the knob or, in some cases, are set in a socket in the floor. Even the least expensive of these devices are frequently rated to take 1,000 pounds of pressure, meaning that kicking your door down is virtually impossible whey they're in place. Because they are easily removed, they do not impede egress from the house in case of emergency.

Motion-activated lighting is cheap, easy to install and some devices are even available in a battery powered design, eliminating the need for wiring. Motion detectors are incredibly sensitive, meaning even the most accomplished burglar will find themselves in the spotlight should they choose to move anywhere near one of these devices. In combination with the installation of monitoring home security you even get recorded evidence of the burglar's actions and a powerful resource for law enforcement.

Already inexpensive burglar alarm equipment
can keep your home secure

All of these methods are inexpensive and require minimal oversight by the homeowner. Good deadbolts and kick plates are completely passive and always on the job, security systems are monitored by professionals and intruder alarms and motion detectors highly advanced and hard to defeat. Keeping your home secure need not be a full time occupation, but it should be a first priority.

Even cheaper can be diy home security precautions that turn the area around your house into an intrusion-unfriendly zone by planting thorny scrubs near windows and by following other simple gardening tips which help to increase  home safety. The installation of security doors and door alarms can be another efficient step towards more safety at home as well as installing window alarms and security windows. Also basement safety windows should be included in your consideration. To camouflage a small security safe in the wall can be a useful advice for those who have important document, and other valuables at home.

Overview: Burglar Alarm Equipment & Home Security Systems

Information on how to provide efficient protection against intruders Precautions against burglars and intruders

  • if you leave home for just a few moments always lock doors and windows
  • secure doors with good deadbolts and kick plates
  • install a security bar at each door
  • windows, especially basement windows, gain more safety with security bars
  • motion-activated lighting are an other efficient precaution to spot intruders
  • install wireless burglar alarm systems
  • don't pile up materials around the house that may act as a ladder for intruders
Monitoring security systems, such as cameras, can help to secure your home

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Professionally-installed access control devices are one of the most efficient protection against burglary