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Tips about "how to secure basement windows"

Basement windows are an endless source of opportunity for burglars. Often an afterthought to homeowners, they are close to the ground, which means that a thief can easily work on them from a fairly camouflaged position. They're usually small enough so that breaking them will make minimal noise - almost none if the thief covers them in duct tape before breaking them - and the basement door leading to the rest of the house is seldom locked.

Fortunately, a little foresight can make a basement window much less appealing to a thief.

Basement Safety Windows & Intruder Alarms for Basements

For starters, don't skimp on the basement windows. Consider getting a burglar proof basement window loaded with tempered, laminated or wired glass. They're all much harder to break than a traditional window and are heavy enough to take the occasional blows that basement windows famously endure - such as stray rocks thrown from lawnmowers or weed whackers-making them a safety device as well as a physical access control device. Because basement windows almost never double as emergency exits, glass panes infused with wire are an excellent choice.

Basement window bars for optimal safety at home

The window frame should be your next concern. Buy high quality frames and have a locksmith affix high security locks to those frames. It might cost you a few more dollars but the dollars will be spent doing it right instead of skimping and installing locks that can be easily jimmied open or simply kicked in. Adding a solid barrier, such as bars outside the window or a security bar inside the window that prevents it from sliding open are both great ideas. A burglar basement window bar can easily be set in the frame which obstructs the sliding motion of the window frame and ensures a burglar can't pry the window open without a great deal of effort, if at all. For windows that swing up or down, there are window bars that block this motion, as well.

Most alarm systems have an intruder alarm for basement applications. These work just as does any other window alarm: when the glass is shattered or the window opened, the alarm is tripped. Their deterrent effect is as powerful as any other alarm. Make sure to place the stickers that indicate your property is monitored on basement windows, in case thieves miss the ones that should be on your first floor windows.

In addition to bars, alarms and basement safety windows, consider a natural solution. Planting less than hospitable plant life, such as cacti, thorny bushes and other such flora, around a basement window can make it incredibly difficult for a burglar to endure spending time trying to defeat any of your other intrusion-prevention devices.

Also, don't pile up materials in the basement that act as a ready ladder for thieves. Make sure that entering your basement from the outside is not only excessively difficult, but that it involves a drop into a dark room if they manage to succeed. Anything that makes it easy, where thieves are concerned, makes it attractive. Those simple diy home security precautions can already prevent spontaneous intrusion. Followed by further steps such as the installation of monitoring home security with surveillance systems that observe the area 24 hours are another efficient protection against burglary. There are even more things you can do to protect precious valuables at home against burglary like installing a wall safe - best with fingerprint scanning - to store important document, jewelry or other items of personal value.

Last but not least, you should consider how to protect doors and entrances against burglars and how to secure windows for private homes. Installing bars at all windows doesn't necessarily mean your house has to look like a prison. There are various decorative designs possible with iron bars and in several cases windows appeared even nicer with wrought-iron designs than without.

Burglar Proof Basement Windows

Tips how burglar basement window bars provide home security Safety precautions for basement windows and basement shafts

  • burglar proof safety windows for basements
  • basement window bars with locks
  • windows loaded with tempered, laminated or wired glass
  • high quality window frames
  • intruder alarm systems for basement
  • planting less than hospitable plant life, like thorny bushes
  • close basement shafts with glass blocks
Close basement shafts with glass blocks

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