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Dome Camera Installation

The installation of dome cameras is the right surveillance technology for shopping areas. You don't hide the fact of surveillance, but your customers cannot see which part is actually monitored, because the camera is hidden behind a dark synthetic glass dome. You can install dome cameras at ceilings or at walls dependent on the set-up of your location.

There are cable connected dome cameras for fixed installations and wireless dome cameras for mobile or long distance surveillance. A dome camera installation is easily done by do-it-yourself, if you don't want to consult a technician. For a cheap solution install 24 hours video observation with black and white cameras. High quality dome cameras provide high resolution color recording as well as with night vision features.

How to install Dome Cameras

How to install a Dome Camera

For a vertical wall installation your dome camera should be able to incline and turn around at least 180 degree. Install surveillance technology above all sight blocking elements like big flowering plants, waving curtains or info signs that hang in the room. Efficient Dome Camera Surveillance needs high visibility. An installation of dome cameras right above your coffee machine or near cooking areas isn't the best choice of location, too.

Be sure that there are no steam producing machines below the synthetic glass dome that might steam up the plastic and make all observation blurred. Before the final dome camera installation you should check all possible movement that your camera later needs to do. It should easily be possible to reach each spot of the monitored area directly.

Ceiling spots and other lamps in the observation area should not blend straight into the lens of your security camera. Back light or a sudden flash may interrupt the video recording and you might miss monitoring important seconds.

Efficient home security and a complete office surveillance provides a horizontal ceiling installation of dome cameras. The combination of real surveillance gadgets and a few Dome Camera Dummies can save costs. The unobtrusive half bowl casing is perfect for shops, entrance halls and hotel areas. Inclining and turning around 360 degree allows monitoring any angle of the object.

Video surveillance can be recorded in high resolution. With additional software you can zoom the area on your surveillance monitor. Swivelling 360 degree and modern security technology provide monitoring and recording of all relevant occurrences in each corner of the observed area.

Automatic electronic shutter, CCTV technology and high sensitivity to light provide color pictures of a high resolution up to 500x550 pixel, depending on the camera model. Synthetic glass domes are removable to be easily serviced and cleaned. CCD Security Cameras for infrared night vision allow observation of dark rooms and night scenes. High quality day and night cameras use CCD-sensors for image detecting and recording in darkness, what allows immediate monitoring of saved images at night.

Install Surveillance Technology: Mini Dome Cams

Information on technical details of Mini Dome Cameras Surveillance Technology: Mini Dome Camera

Black-and-white Mini Dome Cameras - Technical Features

  • CMOS-Chip or CCD-Chip
  • starts at: 352x288 pixel
  • minimum TV lines: 240
  • minimal luminous intensity: 0,2 lux
  • static object lens: 3,6mm, with electronic iris: 1/60
  • video out put
  • power supply / storage battery

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How to install Dome Cameras