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Discreet surveillance with dome cameras

Dome security cameras are the perfect choice for discreet surveillance. These unobtrusive surveillance technology provides best possibilities to observe busy public areas 24 hours. A day-and-night dome camera for video monitoring comes with infrared night vision technology and provides high resolution images in black-and-white or black and green. Security cameras hidden behind round synthetic glass (dome) allow you efficient observation of shopping areas or public indoor areas, while your customers cannot guess which part the dome camera surveillance is monitoring.

Dome camera surveillance in public areas

Dome cameras are successfully working surveillance devices in hotel lobbies and entrance halls, where it's a vital concern to find the best combination of creating business- and customer-safety and respecting each person's privacy. Dome surveillance cameras combine an ideal security system with discretion. Either dome cameras come for an easy installation at the wall or under the ceiling.

Effective surveillance with mini dome cameras

Together with an additional software package you gain the possibility to move the angle of inclination up and down and to turn the camera around 360 degrees to observe all areas at your surveillance monitor.

Before you install surveillance cameras at walls or under ceilings of hotel foyers make sure that the surveillance area is not blocked by decorative elements or information signs.

Ceiling spots should not blend the lens of the security cam.

For effective safety and observation in stores, shopping malls and entrance halls a comprehensive surveillance with dome cameras guarantees best results. Modern high-resolution video recording where you're able to zoom into important scenes.

Dome security cameras increase safety day and night with CCD security cameras and wireless infrared security cameras provide night vision and video recording in twilight and in darkness. A high sensitivity to light combined with an electronic shutter technology record each suspicious movement and transmit high quality color images. With a wireless security camera you are able to monitor an object from any distant location. Digital video observation provides the chance to keep visual contact with your company from far away in real time and it helps to protect your precious property.

The use of spy surveillance equipment hidden behind a synthetic glass dome has shown extreme efficiency in shops and public zones. To save installation costs for wide-area surveillances, some shops combine functioning dome cams with a identical models of a Dome Camera Dummy. This provides helpful deterrence and conviction of all kinds of criminals. Each location needs a different type of surveillance equipment. Therefore we suggest to ask for individual safety information. Especially variables like type of camera, focal distance, lens size, and distance of night vision capabilities need individual adjustments.

Simple check list for dome security camera

Information on surveillance with dome cameras Specific Surveillance with Dome Cameras

Surveillance camera for wall and ceiling installation:

  • Color Dome Camera
  • Digital Color CCTV Dome Camera
  • Digital black-and-white CCTV Dome Camera
  • Digital Color Mini Dome Security Camera
  • BW Mini Dome Cam
  • Night Vision Digital Color CCTV Dome Surveillance Camera
  • Night Vision Digital black-and-white Dome Security Camera

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