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Gain Security with the Deterrence of Dome Camera Dummies

Dome Camera Dummies are efficient low cost security to deter burglars

Surveillance with Dome Camera Dummies is efficient low cost security to deter intruders or burglars day and night. This alternative creates much less installation cost and equipment cost than regular Dome Camera Surveillance. Placing a dome camera dummy obviously in a shop creates similar deterrence as a fully functioning dome cam would do. The discreet, semi-round, synthetic dome of a dome dummy looks exactly the same as the real one.

Visitors of your store cannot see a difference between the two security products. The appearance of 24 hours surveillance cameras in a frequented public area, such as shopping malls, is already so common that most people that spot the device won't expect a dummy. Although dome camera dummies cannot monitor or record vandalism and criminal activities, many statistics show than an obvious installation of of surveillance equipment can reduce the amount of vandalism, break-ins or burglary.

It is hard to tell apart a fake dome camera dummy from a real dome-cam

The installation of dome camera dummies should fake an all-round observation "obviously". Specialized dealers for alarm- and home security products offer identical fake dome cameras for surveillances deterrence in hotels, restaurants, offices, shopping centers and at private homes or entrances.

The false synthetic glass bowls are enclosed with a metal-ring like the real cameras. Some more comfortable imitations come with an integrated LED, that shows a flashing red-light all few seconds. This creates the perfect illusion that the dome dummy is recording the observation scene that very moment.

A dome camera dummy can be installed vertically at the wall or horizontally under the ceiling. Like any other Security Camera Dummy there can be attached a few little cables, that go out of the camera and disappear right in the wall or ceiling. This increases the impression of an operating and fully functioning Surveillance system. Additional, there might be warning signs hanging in the stare to inform the shoppers of day-and night surveillance, to increase deterrence of the fake dome dummy even more effectively.

Combine fake dome cameras dummies with functionally dome-cams

The fact of identically looking camera models of various types of real and fake dome-cams gives you the opportunity to combine operating surveillance systems with fake camera equipment. This is a cheap option, especially for large shopping areas, to suggest an area-wide camera surveillance. Instead you concentrate your recording security cameras in those sections of your shop where you either have your exclusive and most expensive items or where you may observe an area for other security reasons. In all less dangerous parts you could save expensive security cams and install identical types of fake cameras. Potential burglar would be confronted with an over-all surveillance that doesn't show any unmonitored areas.

Dome Dummies are cheap Fake Security Cameras

Information overview about fake dome surveillance Low cost security installations for ceilings and walls:

  • camera imitations are cheaper than functionally cams
  • a fake dome camera has nearly no service costs
  • effective deterrence, because identically construction types
  • increased illusion with flashing LED
  • combined installation of real and fake dome cameras allowed an cheap, area-wide observation efficiency
  • combined security surveillance allows increased deterrence at low costs

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