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Why you should install hidden Security Cameras

With hidden security cameras you increase protection for entryways, office and shopping areas, your private home and property as well as for yourself. The installation of hidden security camera gives you the advantage to watch, record and catch intruders and burglars red handed. This free vital free home security guide will explain where and when the hidden installation of spy surveillance equipment is most effective. We suggest, you can choose a security surveillance systems with industrial security cameras for production control. For worldwide access and monitoring we advice remote security cams and internet surveillance. Special information about infrared surveillance cameras for night observation are discussed by this surveillance guide as well as baby phones and nanny cams.

There is no shopping mall, hardware store, office or other company with public traffic that would not benefit from installing a surveillance cam. Hidden Mini-Security Cameras can be placed in nearly any object and and are very suitable to install a hidden video surveillance system. So called "pinhole" surveillance cams with a diameter of about 3mm and a length about 5mm are easy to position at strategic critical places. Dealers of security cams and spy surveillance equipment provide hidden cameras that already installed in flower pots, teddy bears, digital clocks, sockets, smoke detectors, warning signs, and many other products for daily life. These mini security cameras make it very easy for everybody to install hidden surveillance techniques

Most common Spy Surveillance Equipment

Spy Security Cameras

Mini Dome Cameras are brought to action in many hotels and shopping malls. Covered behind a Plexiglas dome there is a security cam that rotates around and can change its angle of inclination. A Mini Dome Camera is discreet modern spy surveillance equipment with high resolutions when monitoring and recording suspicious movements and actions. High sensitivity to light and electronic shutter automatism provide high resolution pictures between about 350x280 pixel and about 500x550 pixel (according to camera model). Mini dome cameras can be installed at walls and under ceilings. These surveillance opportunities are of vital importance for your home security.

Permanent video surveillance with a Wireless Security Camera can be accessed and monitored from anywhere. With wireless surveillance you are even on your business trip and on holidays informed, what is going on at home or in your company.

Updated spy surveillance equipment increases your home security against intrusion and theft.

4 wireless security cameras can easily be monitored synchronically on a central receiver monitor. You can also select each camera and zoom into a scene (depends of your surveillance software). Integrated audio transmission allows you to observe and listen to all actions.

Very small Top Mini Spy Cameras are ready to be hidden behind picture frames or curtains, between flower shelves or inside cigarette packs. Super mini wireless Spy-Pen Cameras are placed in fully functioning pens, which can be stored "unobtrusively" on the scene. So it is possible to monitor suspicious action from a closest distance and record everything for security reasons.

Equipment for a day and night spy security system that will able to operate as well in dark entryways and outdoor areas with plenty of shadow are Night Vision Security Cameras. With infrared-LED all movements during darkness or night are recorded in black-and-white pictures. Visual ranges for outdoor security cameras with night vision technology are about 7 - 15 meters. High resolution Infrared Security Cameras with multi core cable systems reach visual ranges of about 30 meters. In your company night vision security cameras secure the property and can trigger additional alarm, at home hidden infrared surveillance cameras will help you to protect your computer equipment and other precious belongings.

Vital reasons for a hidden security camera

Hidden surveillance cameras record and prevent theft and intrusion

  • increase security at entryways and entrances
  • provide home security with hidden spy surveillance equipment
  • catch burglars red handed and record intruders
  • reduces bad production with hidden spy cams (Process Control)
  • protect your goods in shops with hidden observation
  • ensure day and night surveillance with infrared security cameras
  • monitor your home while you're travelling (Wireless Surveillance Cam)
Night Vision Security Cameras with Video Surveillance

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Spy surveillance equipment such as mini dome cameras provide discreet high resolution images