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Protecting expensive Solar Panels against Theft

How to provide efficient solar outside security?

After you install expensive solar panel systems, the last thing you want is to wake up one day and find that they have been stolen. Guaranteed to last for 20 years, solar panels are sizeable investment. Unfortunately, since they are often placed in high, out of the way places or in fields where there is little active supervision, it is important to develop a way to monitor and protect your solar investment.

Solar powered security systems are one way to protect your solar investment. It's not an irony that solar power can protect solar power from manpower. It just so happens that solar security camera systems are unobtrusive, cost effective, reliable, and environmentally responsible ways to provide outside security.

The relative un-obtrusiveness of the cameras is important. Obviously you want the cameras to be somewhat notable to deter thieves. However, you don't want your solar security to be so obvious that it is easily disabled or damaged by trespassers. If they can find it, they can eliminate it, along with any conclusive evidence of their crime.

However, because a solar security camera doesn't require support wiring in the same way that a traditional security system does, you can be more creative. You can perch your cameras in visible but well out of reach areas. You can also put them in places traditional cameras wouldn't fit.

Solar Powered Security Cameras

Using a solar security camera is also cost effective. The units have set upfront expenses, but very little in the way of ongoing expenses. There are no monthly bills to manage or recurring expenses to remember.

Solar powered security is also very reliable. It can be even more reliable than a traditional system, in fact. Traditional systems are vulnerable to thieves cutting the power supply and ending the visual feed, and also to spikes in the current that may come along due to lightening strike or other system issue.

With solar security, you don't have to worry about rolling brownouts or any of that nonsense taking out your eyes. Your outside security will run on its own power day and night, regardless of the grid activity. This can bring considerable peace of mind to the owner of pricey solar panels. For more information on solar power technologies please visit this alternative energy guide with information about setting up your home with solar power.

Solar Outside Security

Finally, using a solar security camera system is an environmentally responsible choice. For those who care about reducing their carbon footprint and minding their pollution stamp, solar powered security is the only way to go. It is clean and doesn't waste valuable resources.

Looking at all of the advantages of solar security as a protection system for your expensive solar panels, it is hard to understand why it isn't more common. Your outside security can be everything you want it to be with solar powered cameras. You get all of the benefits of a traditional system, without any of the systemic weaknesses due to traditional power dependence. If you have to decide, you can make an informed and justified decision to purchase solar cameras to protect your green energy investments.

Solar powered Home Security Systems can make your Solar Equipment safer

Information on solar powered surveillance cameras Solar powered surveillance cameras operate independently from the grid

  • solar powered alarms are more reliable
  • solar powered security floodlights don't let you out in the dark
  • solar home security systems are cost efficient
  • solar security works during blackouts caused by utilities work in your region

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How to protect expensive solar panels against theft with an independent solar security system