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Security Camera Dummy

Everybody knows that strange feeling, while driving a little bit fast and approaching a radar control camera: Is it a functioning surveillance camera or is it a simple camera dummy? Such a low cost security camera dummy you can find more and more often in entryways, shops, offices or on company sites, because it works as deterrence against intrusion for less money.

Deterrence by bluffing security surveillance with a dummy cam

Visible installed camera dummies don't differ from real Wireless Security Cameras or from an Security Camera Dummy is a very cheap deterrence by bluffing security surveillance. Sometimes some attached cables increase the impression of a real surveillance camera. The low costs of an camera dummy compare to a real security camera gives you the possibility to cover a huge company site or pretend dense security surveillance around your house for a cheap price.

Security Camera Dummy

An ideal solution is to change between functioning surveillance cameras and security camera dummies. And even better, if you can change the location of dummies and real camera from time to time. A mixed installation of observing and bluffing provides a very effective security surveillance for low costs.

Especially if you record and catch some intruders or burglaries with your functioning security cameras, nobody will expect that may be 60% of all surveillance in your shop is just done with a security camera dummy. That's an effective, low cost bluff. You may even want to put little security stickers in your windows that warn about your "24 hrs monitoring system".

The appearance of a surveillance camera dummy is identical to models of real monitoring security cameras. Some camera dummies have flashing red diodes that suggest recording activities of the surveillance camera. Ever turning around and changing the direction of the observation are part of the bluffing repertoire of a security camera dummy.

The casing of such a dummy is made of metal, aluminium or plastic, just like real surveillance cameras. Some models of security cameras provide an exact copy as dummy, so even for camera experts or your own employees it is impossible to see a difference between a monitoring mini security camera and the camera dummy.

Today, you can find plenty of tricks and tips about how to find cheap home security systems and it has become easy to protect your property by deterrence, bluffing and effective monitoring. Cheaper safety at home is nearly unthinkable. But not everything is allowed with fake surveillance equipment. The legal position on observing with spy cams and dummies can vary a lot from country to country. Don't operate illegal equipment and always install your surveillance systems the legal way.

Advantages of a Security Camera Dummy

Surveillance Camera Dummies - low cost protection

  • low costs and nearly no maintenance
  • identical appearance with functioning security cameras
  • allows you to pretend high surveillance camera density for lower costs
  • very successful in mixed installation with recording security cameras
  • cheap deterrence
Cheap Deterrence with a Security Camera Dummy

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Deterrence by bluffing security surveillance with a dummy camera is low cost protection