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Mini Security Camera

Any hidden surveillance of shops, company sites, entryways or private properties is quite easy, fast and not very expensive to install with a mini security camera. You can find Wireless Security Cameras, Infrared Cameras and with cable connected mini surveillance cameras at most security shops. They offer all sizes from weatherproof outdoor mini cameras to smallest top mini spy cams. Besides in size all models are different in range, picture quality and data transmission.

Top Mini Security Camera | Hidden Security Surveillance

Smallest Top Mini Security Cameras can easily be hidden behind frames or wall clocks. Even smaller Mini Security Cameras can be placed in cigarette packs or hidden in flowerpots. Security representatives sell for professional surveillance top mini security cameras, that are integrated in smoke detectors, movement detectors and digital weather- or temperature clocks. There is nearly no object in a room, that could not be used to hide a mini surveillance camera to protect you belongings and to monitor your property.

Top Mini Security Camera / Spy Pen

If you want to know very discrete, what is going on before your apartment door, a mini security camera inside your door spy would be a good choice. An other great wireless product for video surveillance is a Spy-Pen. This functioning pen with integrated top mini security camera and mini batteries is able to send high quality colour pictures up to 100m. Unfortunately this model interferes in some European countries with telecommunication systems and is therefore not allowed to be used. Other mini camera products work as stand-alone systems. These models do not transmit their data by radio waves or cable. All information of important recordings is stored in full colour images on the camera's hard drive or on discs similar to a digital cam-recorder.

An other Top Mini Security Camera is the so-called Pinhole Camera with a pinhole-lens top of 4mm in diameter. The whole camera isn't bigger than 2 x 4,5mm and can very easy be hidden inside a wall clock, a switch or behind the letters of a store-sign. Hidden wireless mini cameras provide discrete security surveillance of company and office rooms.

These cameras are very helpful for monitoring, recording and finally catch a thief in your shopping area. Also in your private home or home office a hidden mini surveillance camera will help you to increase your home security. With 6 infrared-LED mini night vision cameras show scenes in darkness quite clear. You are able to observe with these "mini-night-watchers" all movements indoor and outdoor in a nearby range. Prices for usual mini security cameras start at about US$ 40.- and may climb up to US$ 600.- and more for professional high-resolution cameras. A simple black-and-white outdoor security set inclusive a small b/w surveillance monitor, infrared lighting for darkness and integrated microphone for audio transmission is available for just about US$ 90.- . Finally, check with your local jurisdiction, because the legal position about observing with spy cams is handled different in each country.

Mini Security Camera | Advantages of hidden Surveillance

Surveillance Camera Mini Model for hidden installation

  • you find out what happens behind your back while you've left your office
  • you catch burglaries red handed with hidden security surveillance
  • you observe, who is checking out you home
  • you can record not allowed intrusion
  • everywhere you find and catch contravenes by hidden security surveillance with mini security cameras
Top Mini Hidden Video Surveillance

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