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A biometric eye scanner is a reliable security device

The various different types of biometric technologies that are being utilized for security and access applications are providing a quantum leap in accurate, instant identity recognition that makes us all safer. You might think that this increased layer of safety would make life a little bit more complex and less convenient, but the reality is that the opposite is in fact true.

The iris scanner is perhaps the most accurate form of biometric identification, and it is also the most convenient because it does not require any action on the part of the user.

A biometric iris recognition system is only as good as its level of accuracy. If it is possible for two people to have identical iris characteristics, biometric eye technologies are not going to be fully effective. Fortunately, the statistics bode well.

Typical iris biometric devices scan and identify more than 250 unique individual characteristics of a subject's iris, and this multi-faceted model is what makes the iris scanner the most accurate form of biometric technology on the market today. It is statistically impossible for any two people to match all of these 250+ iris recognition criteria exactly, and even identical twins do not share the same biometric eye characteristics.

A lot of times you hear about some sort of technological innovation and you recognize that it sounds impressive, but how will people benefit from it in their day-to-day lives? Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, airport security has become a huge concern. The United States Department of Homeland Security was created as a reaction to this event, and a lot of resources have been put into the research and development of technologies that will mitigate the risks involved in a breech of airport security. This is very tricky, because there are two conflicting objectives involved. One is that airports need to restrict access to sensitive areas so that unauthorized parties cannot get in. But, airports are busy places with tight scheduling windows, so flight crews need to be able to come and go quickly and efficiently.

The introduction of the iris scanner for airport applications has been hugely successful in this regard. Pilots and flight crews simply walk past a biometric eye reader and go to work without skipping a beat. Iris recognition technology is convenient, but it is also effective. A study by a major manufacturer of iris biometric devices revealed that their product was engaged over 400,000 times in a trial run without a single breech of security.

The biometric eye scanner is keeping us all safer, and helping us get to where we need to go quickly and efficiently. Iris recognition technology is virtually 100% accurate, and it is as convenient as it is effective. Biometric devices are changing life as we know it, and as the new decade approaches, it will be interesting to see just how significantly these iris biometric scanners alter the access and security landscape for the better.

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