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Advantages of Biometric Hand Scanners

Biometric hand reading is affordable and foolproof

Biometric technology has changed the face of access and entry security systems, and as it has evolved it has become readily available to small and mid-size businesses and ordinary consumers alike. Biometrics involves a computerized scanner recording the geometry of a part of the human body, like the finger, hand, or iris, and storing that template for future identification. Subsequently, access to sensitive areas, time clocks, or computers is granted via the biometric recognition of the unique characteristic of the user's hand, fingerprint, or iris.

The biometric hand reader is growing in popularity every day in the business milieu, and it provides many advantages. A great deal of employee theft occurs through one individual punching in or out for a co-worker who is actually not present. This can be done with the old manual clocks of course, but it can be done through computer timekeeping software programs and proximity card readers as well. When you use a biometric hand scanner instead, there is no way that an employee can have another person punch them in or out. The hand biometric solution is simple, affordable, and foolproof.

Biometric hand scanning is simple and safe

Another way that a biometric hand scanner can protect a business is by controlling access and keeping track of the comings and goings of authorized individuals. When you use a magnetic proximity card reader to control access to your entryways, there is no way to prevent people from using a card that was issued to someone else as long as that card is still assigned to an active employee. With these systems, which are widely used at present, you also see a lot of what is called "piggy backing", which is when one employee walks in behind another without scanning their own card. This is a breech of security best practices, and in these times slipshod, hit and miss security is simply not responsible.

The hand biometric solution is simple, affordable, and foolproof

Another security risk that a biometric hand reader can all but eliminate is the potential for a disgruntled employee, customer, or criminal stealing a proximity card from an active employee and gaining unauthorized access. Hand biometric technology has saved lives in instances such as these, and the cost of total peace of mind is a small price to pay when you consider the possible alternative.

There was a time when the use of a hand scanner may have sounded interesting to many people who liked the idea, but simply couldn't budget for it. These days, the price of a quality, state-of-the-art biometric hand reader is within reach of just about anyone, especially if you feel as though you can afford a proximity card access and entry system. The advantages of hand biometric devices speak for themselves: guaranteed security, no "buddy punching", no duplicate cards to purchase, and nothing that can be lost or forgotten. If you have ever considered a biometric hand reader for your home or business, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this efficient and affordable technology.

Biometric Hand Reader

Overview about the advantages of biometric hand scanning Biometric Hand Scanning

  • avoids that an employee can have another person punch in or out
  • helps controlling access to specific areas
  • keeps track on the comings and goings of authorized personal
  • avoids that individuals can grant access to unauthorized people

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The Advantages of Biometric Hand Scanning