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The wide Range of Fingerprint Identification Systems

Fingerprint matching is an effective tool to increase security

It has long been known that each person's fingerprint is completely unique from every other, and this is why fingerprint identification is so widely used for law enforcement applications. In the decades that preceded the advent of affordable, compact computer technologies, police agencies would have incarcerated individuals smear their fingers in ink and then leave prints on a paper card, and they would store these cards in filing cabinets and storerooms for the purposes of future fingerprint matching. Though fingerprint identification was an effective tool, it was very bulky and inefficient, and due to the difficulty inherent in finding an exact match with basic magnification tools it wasn't an exact science.

Computers changed all that, and now fingerprint identification and matching is foolproof and simple using biometric scanning. The rapid research and development of biometrics has unveiled many new uses for the technology, and the fingerprint lock has become an ideal application. The way that it works is that you utilize a fingerprint reader to record the unique characteristics of the fingers of people who you would like to grant access to. A good fingerprint lock can be programmed to allow access to hundreds of employees for commercial use, and a home version may offer somewhat less memory, but they have more than ample space for the typical family and extended family. Users simply place their finger on the fingerprint reader and access is granted.

There are a wide range of fingerprint identification systems on the market today, and dozens of different lock manufacturers have entered the marketplace. These fingerprint matching locks can even be networked into computerized home security systems so that you can keep track of exactly when each user gained access. So, for instance, if you went to bed at 10:00 PM and your daughter had a midnight curfew, you would be able to check your security system the next day to see exactly what time she used the fingerprint reader to get into the house.

Special Features of Fingerprint Reader and Fingerprint Locks

Another feature that many fingerprint lock suppliers are offering is the ability to program the lock to provide limited access. If you have a babysitter or housekeeper, for instance, you can program the fingerprint reader to allow access between, say, 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This is another variety that is out there, and as you can see, the practical applications for fingerprint identification systems are steadily expanding.

There is one other convenience that a fingerprint reader provides that we almost neglected to mention: when your finger is the only thing that you need to get into your home, you will never lose or forget your key ever again!

Fingerprint matching has come a long way from the early days on Scotland Yard, and all of us can now take advantage of the computer age and the modern fingerprint identification systems that can keep our property safe and secure. Do some additional research and identify the fingerprint lock that is perfect for your home or business.

Fingerprint matching is effective, safe, and affordable

Positive features of fingerprint reader and fingerprint locks Fingerprint locks provide perfect security for homes or businesses

  • fingerprint matching for home use (less memory)
  • fingerprint reader for commercial use can store data of hundreds of people
  • a fingerprint lock can grant access only at specific times of the day
  • finger scanners can allow access according to different levels of security

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Fingerprint identification systems are an affordable and safe security solution for homes and businesses