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How to Secure Doors with Biometric Locks

Biometric Door Locks

Biometric locks have made a huge impact on the locksmith and home security industries, and with each passing day they are becoming more and more popular. Like most technological innovations, biometric access systems were rather cost prohibitive when they first became available. Fingerprint door locks were used by government agencies, military facilities, and very sensitive areas of major corporate campuses and industrial laboratories. However, when you do some research on the Internet, you will find that the cost of biometric locks has come way down. Believe it or not, it is possible to purchase an entry level fingerprint door lock for as little as a couple of hundred dollars, and when you consider the advantages of these locks that is really a great value.

The way you secure a door with biometric locks is simple. The access pad triggers a standard door latch when it recognizes the user and access is granted. Standard residential biometric locks can typically store the fingerprints of around 75 users, and this is certainly more than enough for most families. The technology may seem intimidating to the layman, but most biometric door locks on the market today can be installed in about 15 or 20 minutes by anyone who has a screw driver.

Fingerprint Door Lock

The fingerprint door lock provides many advantages over old school keyed locks, for commercial as well as residential users. One of the most immediate benefits that fingerprint locks provide is the simple fact that you never have to be concerned about losing or forgetting your keys. It is a subtle thing that you really have a hard time wrapping your brain around until you actually go keyless and switch to biometric access, but when you do, you recognize a certain peace of mind that comes with never having to rummage around looking for your keys.

Biometric locks also make life much more convenient in small but significant ways. Isn't it a magical feeling to be trying to get into your house after work with your briefcase and several bags of groceries in hand as you fumble through your key ring trying to find the right one? When you have a fingerprint door lock all of that stress goes away and you let yourself in with the simple touch of a pad.

Biometric Access Control

Most biometric locks can be programmed to provide limited access to certain users if that is what you would prefer. If you want the gardener to be able to enter at certain times on particular days of the week, you can program his or her access any way that you see fit. If you have a roommate move out under less than amicable circumstances, you don't have to wonder if they may have had a spare key made so that they still have access to the house. You just remove their fingerprint from your biometric access system and you have total peace of mind.

Biometric locks are no longer the wave of the future. They are affordable, easy to install, and readily available right now in the present. If you never want to run the risk of losing or forgetting your keys again, take advantage of biometric access and simplify your life while improving the security of your home.

Biometric Door Locks

Information about Biometric Access Control Technology Fingerprint door locks and other biometric access control technologies

  • biometric door locks can be programmed to provide limited access to certain groups of users, if necessary
  • biometric door locks can be controlled by fingerprint, hand, iris, face or voice identification
  • biometric access control systems are affordable, convenient, and provide highest security

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