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Hidden Surveillance Camera in a Teddy-Bear

Already a cheap Teddy Camera observes your child's sleep and you will you never miss any special moment in your childs life

The use of home based surveillance technology like a Teddy Camera in the children's room might become very advantageous in several thinkable situations. You can determine disturbed sleep or other irregularities of babies and little children's sleep without entering their room. Besides that such a bear-camera allows you to watch your grownup kids without large-scale technical installations and monitor disturbed behavioural pattern of some problem children in an apparently unobserved moment. Or you may catch some unexpected lovely snapshot for your home video collection. On top of all, such a hidden spy camera shows you the honesty of employees and nanny together with their efforts and efficiency during your absence from home.


The biggest advantage of a teddy-bear camera is its flexibility in daily changing possibilities of practical operation. The built-in wireless surveillance camera allows to place the teddy wherever you want to observe.

The integrated and perfect hidden security camera gives you the chance to operate the unobtrusive teddy-cam extremely close at the surveillance area. The acoustic-visual image recording will be sent wireless and simultaneously from the camera in a teddy-bear to your surveillance monitor or video recorder.

Teddy cameras are unidirectional working devices, that can just send, but are unable to receive.

The limited range of such a spy-camera in a teddy-bear is capable to transmit all movements to the recording parents unit in the house with a simple sender unit and just a few channels. By monitoring all activities at home you are free to concentrate on your homework or can even leave the house without leaving it unattended. All incidents that happen in the surveillance area during your absence are monitored and recorded, so you can check and watch it at any time.

Another advantageous "side-effect" a Teddy-Cam offers you, should also not be forgotten. With an inconspicuous soft-toy in your children's room you might catch and record some unobserved moments of your kids in all ages for your family photo collection or your home video.

Teddy-Camera for the Children's Room

You can find a cheap teddy-bear camera with black and white features already for about 40.- US$ to 50.- US$. The power supply works with a low voltage device. The mini-spy camera is integrated into the nose of the soft toy, while a microphone is hidden in the bear's body. Everything that's happening "in front of the bear's eyes" you simply send via radio frequency (fm-signal) to a monitor and record it with your video recorder. Acoustic and visual transmission provides clear, high resolution video images. Even the limited amount of transmission frequencies shows all movements in the children's room and sends those to the receiver unit.

With just a small antenna this surveillance technology will have a range of about 40m inside rooms, even through walls. The outdoor capacity in unblocked sight can reach up to 150m. The camera in a teddy bear sends without interferences with other electronic devices in your household. A possible electro smog of permanently sending security equipment is often mentioned by consumer advice centers. Besides these teddy cams, there are other Cheap Baby Monitors and Wireless Baby Video Monitor to observe your baby's and little kid's sleep. Some surveillance products with just a few, not encoded frequencies can be monitored by other people outside your house with simple wireless devices.

Spy-Cameras in Soft Toys

Today it is possible to place surveillance cameras inside nearly any soft toy. And even inside numerous other inconspicuous objects in the children's room efficient spy-cams can be stored.

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