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Monitor your Baby's Sleep

More and more parents are using surveillance devices to watch over their kid's sleep and to ensure that the hired baby sitter is doing the job well. To get an idea what really happens at home while they can't be there, they install hidden baby video cameras to monitor baby and nanny. There are pros and cons on baby monitors, as we will talk about in the following part. Over all, simple acoustic surveillance devices like a baby sound monitor as well as a high quality acoustic / visual device like a Wireless Baby Video Monitor are efficient home surveillance products, that can support any nursing of young and old family members at home.

Baby Video Monitor

Several cheap baby video monitors, often offered as nanny cam or nanny camera set with mobile video camera and a surveillance monitor allow parents to do other work in the house and stay out of the baby room, while their child is asleep. Cheap Baby Monitors for acoustic surveillance like baby sound monitors, wireless babysitter or nanny-phones start at ranges of about 250 feet and with an infinitely variable sound control. When buying a baby sound monitor please make sure that you can adjust sensitivity of the sender's microphone. This will ensure that the transmission starts already at slightest disturbances of your baby's sleep. Battery-operated nanny cameras should operate with mains connection as well as, to guarantee no interruptions and constant quality during all transmissions. It increases your flexibility while you want to do some work and simultaneously monitor your baby, if the parents unit of your baby camera monitor can be attached to your clothes, e.g. with a belt clip.

Thanks CCD (= charge-coupled device) and infrared surveillance cameras you are able to monitor even in dark rooms. Baby video monitors for day and night surveillance use ccd sensors to recognize and record images. The capability of ccd chips to recognize infrared light guarantees an immediate monitoring of any recorded image at night. This high quality night features provides the possibility of an effective 24 hrs surveillance of a baby camera monitor.

Wireless baby video monitors are also available inside wall clocks, plant pots, or soft toys like teddy bears as hidden video cameras or mini security camera. With a nanny cam hidden in the teddy's dark nose and a microphone in its body you will always hear and see what is going on in your child's room without entering the room. Besides surveillance matters, a teddy camera for the children's room is a great opportunity to capture unobserved moments from your baby for your family movies or your baby picture collection.

Besides childcare there are more great possibilities to use these surveillance devices. For geriatric nursery or nursing of any kind nanny cameras can help to realize immediately, when help is needed. Baby video monitors with an intercom provide an quick and easy possibility for ill and old people to call their nurse and tell what needs to be done. Last not least nanny cams can be used to watch your phone and even the whole apartment, so you really know what's going on behind your back.

A Baby Video Monitor watches over your child's dreams

Wireless Baby Monitor, Nanny-Camera, Digital Baby Camera

  • Baby Camera Monitor with Intercom
    • acoustic surveillance devices listens your baby's sleep
    • increases your flexibility while you do other work
    • helpful device for geriatric nursery
    • increases home security
  • Wireless Nanny Camera
    • you hear and watch you children's sleep
    • capture unobserved child pictures with a Teddy Cam
    • use a Nanny Cam for complete home security
  • Baby Monitor with Infrared Features
    • high quality night features (infrared-technology)
    • night vision at complete darkness

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How to monitor a baby's sleep?