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Baby Phones with additional Security Features

Baby phones with room temperature features watch the child's sleep

The supply of security products for electronic babysitter is numerous. You can find a baby phone with colour video recording as well as simple nanny phones working as acoustic device. Most of those security systems try to follow regional safety regulation about electro smog. In Germany, all cams that undergo the suggested safety index, are rewarded with a "blue environment angel" and are no heath risk to child safety. Regular baby phones are useful home devices to increase the children's security. In many households with little kids an electronic nanny is one of their children products that make a mobile observation of a quiet and undisturbed baby sleep easy.

It is vital to remember, that baby cameras and wireless baby video monitors will need more energy to operate than just a simple acoustic babysitter. Operating just on batteries or an electrical charger energy consuming security equipment might only work for 2 or 3 hours. Normally you switch those surveillance system on already a while before you leave the house. So three hours might be a little bit short for an entertaining evening with friends. More comfortable baby phone sets provide additional power supply and on top even very useful additional features. There is a nanny cam for night vision that is able to monitor your children's room in darkness Infrared Technology and can transmit all video images to a mini surveillance monitor, that shows the parents the observation scene in low resolution, black-and-white pictures.

Very special are baby phones with temperature sensors. These surveillance systems come with a console for the child unit, that is able to check the room temperature of the children's room. As soon as room temperature drops below or exceeds beyond the value you have specified before, it will send you an alarm signal. Overheated or cold room temperatures are both unhealthy for your child. With such a temperature watching baby monitor your kid will never have to sleep in in unhealthy circumstances. The alarm is sent wireless to the mobile parents unit, which should be around within a few 100 meters.

Baby phone sensors can monitor your child's breathing

High sensible baby phones are even able to monitor the child's breathing. If the baby's breath stops for more than 20 seconds those devices will register it as a possible dangerous interruption of breathing and it will send an alarm. You have the possibility to take life-saving actions immediately. These surveillance devises are to made for high-risk children, because these units can only send an alarm, but aren't able to provide further necessary help. Nevertheless, those additional safety features are an useful and reassuring addition to watch healthy children's sleep. All values and indexes for loudness, noises, or temperatures can be adjusted individually.

Continuously sending baby cameras create electromagnetic fields that are generally seen as health risk. From most electronic baby devices the risk of electro smog isn't huge. E.g. in Germany all officially registered baby phones stay far below the indexed levels of radiation. Anyway, for additional child safety you should not place any sending unit to close to the child's head. On top of that you can reduce electro smog and any radiation dose, if you choose a security product, that only starts operating and sending signals in case of noise or other sleep disturbances in the children's room.

Electronic babysitter, that only observe without sending signals constantly, create much less electromagnetic fields. As long as the baby sleeps well Cheap Baby Monitors normally send an acoustic or visual flashlight to the parents unit with individually determined intervals. In case of emergency, disturbed sleep or unusual noise in the kid's room an alarm signal is transmitted to the parents unit. For discreet hidden surveillance you may choose an Teddy Camera for the Children's Room, that is integrated in the soft toy's head or any other toy or doll with an integrated security cam.

The most useful surveillance features of baby phone systems

Additional features let these safety devices become very helpful

  • Baby phone with sound sensors for disturbed sleep
  • Electronic Nanny Cameras with colour-video transition
  • Nanny Cam with night vision and infrared features
  • Babysitter Camera with temperature sensor
  • Baby Phone with control function to monitor the baby's breathing

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Baby phones with extra features for the child's safety